The delivery service makes medicinal-grade cannabis available to the community.

weed delivery

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to adapt to the growing demands of Americans as legal cannabis becomes more accessible. As more states continue to legalize cannabis, weed delivery businesses are being driven to expand their operations in response to increased demand. This includes offering delivery as an option to customers as well. It has been more than a year since the industry made significant progress toward improving customer experience in the past few years.

There is no denying that convenience is king for cannabis delivery services. Delivery services ensure that all legal cannabis users have easy access to cannabis products. In addition to expanding your customer base weed delivery, offering customers a digital payment method, and increasing the average basket size, providing an online delivery marketplace can have many other advantages.

It is likely that these individuals live nearby or have heard about your store by word-of-mouth. Having in-person traffic is great, but cannabis delivery can help you reach even more people. Your dispensary will gain exposure, grow your customer base, and gain a competitive edge by adding an online delivery marketplace for your dispensary. There is a major pain point for dispensary customers that can reduce the average basket size and deter them from returning to your dispensary if they have to stop at an ATM or pay a fee at the dispensary.


A delivery option is a perfect opportunity to add integrated payment options so that you can let your clients pay upfront. To create a seamless shopping experience for your customers, many of the largest delivery providers have partnered with compliant, digital payment options.

Customers limit their in-store orders due to the need for more cash on hand or the feeling of being rushed when picking products in person. Using a delivery company allows customers to choose the products they want from your marketplace at their own pace. Customers can order more products using a digital payment option since they will not be limited by the amount of cash in their wallet.