Facts you need to know about hand sanitizers

liquid hand sanitizer

Hygiene is the most important in everyone’s life. Good hygiene helps to lower the risk of diseases that commonly spread through viruses and bacteria. To stop the spread of germs, you have to keep your body and hands clean. Your personal hygiene benefits you and the people around you. The first place to start with your personal hygiene is washing hands. The liquid hand sanitizers play a vital role in hands hygiene. Let’s take an in-depth look of hand sanitizers.

  • A hand sanitizers developed for washing hands when soap and water are not available. Depending on the active ingredients used, there are two types as alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitizer.
  • According to the world health organization, using a liquid hand sanitizer is the best way to clean your hands. As you could not find soap and water to clean your hands all the time you needed.
  • Most of the health-care centers use alcohol-based sanitizer as it contains 60-95 percent alcohol to kill the micro-organisms that present in the hand. It kills all the germs and bacteria in your hand.
  • With the help of soap, you could clean only dirty and greasy hands. But to kill the bacteria, you have to use sanitizer. You can use the sanitizer after washing the hands or before washing hands. When you are travelling, you might not have water at that time you need hand sanitizer.

liquid hand sanitizer

  • The records have shown that sanitizer does not stop diseases, but it helps to prevent the transmission of diseases like cold, flu and any other virus-related diseases.
  • The Centers for disease control recommends using alcohol-based sanitizers as the product with ethanol or isopropanol work by denaturing bacteria and viruses.
  • If you are using the sanitizers below 60percent of concentrations, then it won’t work effectively. The alcohol-free sanitizer helps to reduce the number of germs but does not allows to break down the microbes.
  • The low-concentration gel makes the germs spread instead of killing them. However, the product above 95 percent is not a good thing to use. So choose the sanitizer wisely.
  • You need to understand that all the germs are not the same. Some germs live at all layers of skin. The other type of organisms is acquired by touching the things around you. It can be transmitted to someone or inside your body.
  • Choose the product that does not affect your skin and delivers good skincare performance. It is all about the formulation, get some suggestion from doctors before buying sanitizers.