Choose Dining Benches For Your Home

Benches or Chairs

Benches have always been a popular alternative for creating informal dinner tables. Who doesn’t remember sitting at a picnic table with their family, eating burgers and dogs at the lake or park? Over the last few years, bringing that sense of community indoors has become increasingly popular. There are numerous advantages to choosing this form of seated dining benches in your home, aside from providing a unique decorating touch to your dining area.

Why Choose a Dining Bench?

Costs less

Of course, the cost of your dining chairs may vary depending on the size of your table, but they can quickly add up. You can seat just as many people, if not more, on dining benches.

Versatile seating option

A dining bench, whether backless, with a back, or as a corner unit, will radically change the look of your dining area. For mix-and-match seating, consider pairing a dining bench with dining chairs.

Saves space

If you need more floor space, a backless dining seat may easily be tucked beneath the table and out of the way. A dining bench can accommodate a couple more people, eliminating additional dining chairs when you have company over for supper.

Benches or Chairs

The Best Bench For Your Dining Room

Adding a bench to a dining table set is a breeze if you obey a few simple criteria. Remember that all dining room sets require at least three feet of clearance to walk guests freely without getting in the way. Consider the furniture you’ll be using. Is there a pedestal or legs on your table? Because you can tuck a bench in without hitting the table legs, a pedestal table works well with dining benches that span the whole table length.

If your table has four legs, choose a bench that fits between the inside measurements of the two legs on either side. If you take this method, leave a couple of inches on either side. So the bench doesn’t contact your legs as you slide it in and out. Try getting a corner bench and setting your table as though you were sitting in a cozy restaurant’s corner booth. When you set your mind to anything, there is no limit to what you can achieve.