As part of Singapore’s initial steps in creating a fast-progressive nation that made itself known today as the “Lion City”, the government established the House and Development Board (HBD) with a sole purpose of transforming  the unhygienic slums and crowded squatter settlements of Singapore to a sanitary living space suited for its people. The transformation movement is not only limited to building houses but also it involves the establishment of various commercial, recreational, and social amenities to create a quality living environment. One the housing projects includes the redevelopment of Choa Chu Kang that started with Teck Whye which is the first hdb cck blocks in 1985. Since then, a lot of subzones were developed in area which transformed the old plantation to a new town with competitive economy.

The Perks of Living in Choa Chu Kang

                Choa Chu Kang also known as CCK is a rural settlement near the river which was previously occupied by Chinese immigrants. Its name was coined from these immigrants who were called “kang chu”. The ‘kang’ means “river” while the ‘chu’ denotes “master/owner”. The word Choa refers to the first headman of the clan that is in charge with the plantation. The area which has a land mass of 6 square kilometer was formerly a farm of rubber trees, gambier, pepper, pineapples, coconuts, vegetables, and poultries. Right now, it was transformed to a residential complex housing 110,000 residents in its 35,000 flats which consists of rooms ranging from 4 to 5 bedrooms.

                Since it become a residential complex, a lot of businesses sprout in the area to address the needs of the people. Aside from that, the House and Development Board also develops other amenities such as educational institutions, shopping centers, dine-out places, community centers and clubs, health care facilities, worship places, theater, cinema halls, public library, military camps, sports hall, and parks to make the real estate in the area attractive to future occupants may it be a local or a foreigner. What makes the town distinct from others is that it is still developing. Therefore, the place is not that congested at the same time some parts of the old plantation were retained so that it may be enjoyed by both old and new residents as they recall the rich cultural history of Choa Chu Kang.

                If  you are looking for a space to live that is secure and safe with a tranquil and amusing ambiance, the HBD CCK have them all where there is harmony between nature and architecture, and the amenities are within the proximity.