Why Are Lactation Cookies Singapore Important?


The other name of lactation cookies is breastfeeding cookies. These cookies are made up of galactagogues ingredients. This ingredient increases the supply of breast milk in the mother. Other ingredients like blessed thistle, fenugreek, alfalfa and oats are also present in lactation cookies singapore.

They are available in various forms, such as cookies, brownies and muffins. According to your taste and preference, you can choose your favourite lactation cookies singapore. They are available in a lot of other confectionery suitable for nursing mothers to maintain the consistency of their breast milk supply. Day by day, the popularity of lactation cookies is increasing. Some mothers can depend on this when their breast milk supply is getting short to feed their babies.

What are the ingredients in lactation cookies?

One of the most common advantages of lactation cookies is increasing the supply of breast milk. Lactation cookies constitute galactagogues which are found in different herbs and those foods which increase lactation in mothers. Some of the examples of galactagogues are oatmeal, milk thistle and fennel seed. Some of the ingredients are detailed below:

  • Flaxseed
  • Brewers Yeast
  • Wheat Germ
  • Oats
  • Galactagogues

All of these ingredients increase the immune system in lactating mothers. It also protects the cracked nipples, which is one of the common problems when mothers are breastfeeding their babies. It also enhances digestion and keeps the mother’s skin, eyes, hair, mouth and liver healthy.

What is the ideal time to start taking lactation cookies?

The supply of milk will start to increase after having a baby. However, a strong supply of milk is facilitated by hydration, proper nutrition and relaxation. You should prepare your lactation bites before so you can access them immediately and you can consume them as soon as you feel hungry. You can even take it in the hospital itself or take it with you for an easy and nourishing snack after you had helped your baby to regain energy and strength. This cookie would render you with sufficient healthy vitamins and would boost your supply of milk. The lactation cookies work amazingly, but you have to be consistent. It is recommended to take 1-2 lactation cookies per day or one hour preceding the breastfeeding or pumping whatever you indulge in. After doing this consistently, you would see effective results. This is why mothers so demand lactation cookies because of their proven, effective and positive results.