Sweep Up Your Pet Hair on Your Hardwood Floors – How? Find Out Here!


For animal lovers, pet hair removal is simply an undeniable fact of life. It’s some of those small inconveniences you accept as part of the pet parenthood deal alongside muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor and slobbery kisses once you know precisely where that mouth has been.

Every pet parent with hardwood floors has been confused just how to keep hardwood floors away from dog hairs, nevertheless, the response isn’t always an easy one. A typical routine of pet grooming and floor cleaning, however, can help with the hair problems no matter which type of dog you’ve got.

Minimize Your Pet Hairs Shedding

The best way to keep your hardwood floors clean of pet hair is to minimize the total amount of hair your dogs will shed. While every dog she

ds and also short hair can easily add up on a hardwood floor, some tips and tricks can result from the hair more manageable.

  • Groom your puppies or dogs regularly with baths and frequent brushing using an excellent quality brush that will sweep more loose fur. Not merely is this a good chance to minimize shed hair, nonetheless, it may become a bonding time between the both of you – hooman and pets.
  • Maintain your pet’s fur properly trimmed to minimize loose hair and extra shedding. As well, however, avoid shaving the hair completely since this robs your pet with the necessary insulation to guard their skin.
  • If any case possible, depending on the structure of your house, train your dog to stay away from the hardwood floors. This can be a simple matter if the hardwood flooring is placed in a single area.
  • Feed your dog an excellent model of food with a lot of protein to have an excellent fur coat. This will ensure that you’ll have less shed hair from loose fur.
  • Manage fleas carefully. A dog that scratches frequently wi
    ll loosen its hair and can shed easily.

Simple Tips to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean of Dog Hair


No matter how hard you try to minimize the shedding, most dog hair will inevitably place on your hardwood floors. Once you know just how to clean hardwood floors properly with vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, it is possible to sweep up that hair more easily. These additional tips can be certain to sweep up as much dog hair as you possibly can.

  • As opposed to sweeping with a flicking motion that can widely spread more pet hair, vacuum your ground with a hardwood floor attachment or hard flooring setting. Doing this can eliminate most hair, and you will buy an easy, lightweight vacuum for this daily cleaning task as opposed to a heavy-duty machine vacuums.
  • Make sure you clean beneath furniture and in corners where pet hair can accumulate. For hard-cleaned areas, a slightly damp terry cloth mop could be effective or simply use a dry dust sweeper.
  • In case the dog’s hair is snagging on the elements of the hardwood floor whenever you attempt to clean it, the sealer coat might be thin or uneven. Reapply sealer when you look at the affected area until you make it into a smooth, even coat with no sharp edges to accumulate hair.

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