What Are Dental Veneers? Things to Know


Dental veneer is a thin shell of the tooth-colored porcelain and composite cemented over your teeth facial surfaces that will correct any dental problems that include tooth discoloration, uneven tooth alignment and spacing, worn tooth enamel, and cracks or chips.

Even though veneers fall in category of the cosmetic dentistry as they help to improve your smile with rightly aligned and shapely teeth, they increase protective qualities and will eliminate any need for extensive treatments. Some other benefits are durability and better smile appearance. There are some veneer variants, which do not need any preparation of underlying teeth, make sure you find the best carillas dentales barcelona.

Difference Between the Porcelain & Resin Veneers

Like we mentioned, there are many benefits of getting the porcelain veneers, however you might have heard about resin composite veneers too. They are designed from these materials. Let us check out which material will be the best choice for you with the dentist.

  • Resin composite choice will match your natural tooth look and will be modified to fit your beautiful smile. The material is quite durable and can last for many years with right care.
  • One biggest downside of selecting resin composite is they aren’t stain-resistant that means they may darken like the natural teeth.

Am I a Right Candidate?

To know if you’re the right candidate for the dental veneers, your doctor may schedule the preliminary consultation where your dental health will get evaluated and possible treatment options will be discussed in detail. (Most of the dentists prefer to give patients minimally invasive options.) The treatment that involves tooth preparation will be irreversible, thus it is very important your dentist discuss other alternatives that offer you the same results however with very minimal or no removal of the tooth structure. Suppose you & your dentist determine that veneers will be the right option, then your next step is to get complete review of the treatment details, which includes preparing the teeth for specific procedure & what will be important to look or fit rightly.

During the consultation, you may actively participate in your “smile design process.” You need to give preferences for shape, width, length, and color of veneers or any change in your smile appearance you want your dentist to create, and that will help to make sure your treatment may meet the expectations in a right way. It is very important your dentist knows your goals during the veneer consultation.