Top Supplements for Increasing Testosterone in 2022

greatest testosterone boosters

The components used in testosterone booster pills have been found to promote normal testosterone levels. Numerous of these products have a combination of herbal extracts or particular nutrients designed to support hormone balance. Some additionally contain substances that either assist stop the body from turning testosterone into estrogen or directly raise testosterone or related hormones.

Some of the pills on this list may be helpful if you’re seeking for an easy natural testosterone boost. Please speak with a medical expert to go through your treatment choices if you have significant low testosterone symptoms, such as low energy, decreased libido, muscle loss, or reproductive problems.

How we decided

The following are some of the criteria we took into account when selecting the items mentioned below:


To make sure they adhere to the ethical and professional standards of Healthline, all of the items were examined.


Ingredients in supplements have been demonstrated in studies to raise testosterone levels.


The dose that supplements offer has been shown to be both safe and effective.

Smart Brand Ashwagandha extract and fenugreek are two ingredients found in Genius Test that are intended to balance hormone levels and optimize testosterone levels. Additionally, it contains 500 mg of PrimaVie Shilajit-Fulvic Acid, a supplement derived from shilajit extract that has been proved to raise testosterone levels. In fact, after 90 days of use, one research discovered that ingesting 250 mg of pure shilajit extract twice daily raised levels of both total and free testosterone independent testing. Many of the greatest testosterone boosters supplements we used have undergone quality and safety testing.

The Roman Testosterone Support dietary supplement is designed exclusively to raise testosterone levels. Zinc, vitamin D3, and ashwagandha are some of the components that have been investigated for their capacity to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Additionally, it offers copper, a vital mineral whose effects on male sperm quality and reproductive health have been researched. Even though many of the substances have undergone separate research, further studies are still required to determine if testosterone levels may be raised when the chemicals are combined. This supplement is made in a CGMP-certified facility and is suitable for vegetarians. It is not, however, tested by a third party.

Nature Created Your body makes vitamin D3—a fat-soluble vitamin—when exposed to sunshine.  Low vitamin D levels are possible in those who receive little sunshine. Male sexual activity depends on vitamin D, which in its active state acts as a steroid hormone in the body.