You’re Guide to Long Arm Quilting Machines


A custom machine quilting business can be an excellent source of income for part-time or full-time jobs. Patchwork has been around since the days when women were a quiet little pastime. In the 21st century, enthusiasts are spending BILLIONS of dollars. Quilters spend money on supplies like fabrics, sewing patterns, threads and accessories. They are also willing to spend money on custom quilting of their creations.

Here are some of the decisions you need to make to start your business:

Shop vs home business

The showcase will have a higher overhead that you will have to cover before you start making a profit from your efforts. Potential benefits include dedicated space with regular hours for clients who can sponsor your business, and ample space to set up a large commercial vehicle.

A home business will require less financial investment and therefore potentially higher returns, but you will have to set aside enough space for your equipment and supplies, and you could disrupt the time you would otherwise be spending with your family. …

Necessary equipment and materials

First you need a quilting machine. The three main factors you need to take into account are the features you need, the cost of the machine, and the space you will need to work with.

Commercial-type machines are the most versatile, but they are expensive and can be more difficult to learn. They also require more workspace to set up and operate.

There are many models of Best Quilting Machine available that are less expensive and take up less space, but are likely more practical for hobbyists than the full-time quilting business. Most will require significantly more effort on a quilt than on a commercial type machine with a long arm and quilting frame configuration.

The rest of the consumables you need will depend primarily on the quilting machine you choose. This can be a quilting hoop (if not included with the machine), quilting feet, thread, etc.

When choosing a car, you can research its features and prices online by visiting various websites or you may prefer to examine it in person if there are dealers in your area. By coming to you personally, you will receive a real demonstration of the product, and often a hands-on experience of using the machine.

Increasing your income

You can advertise your business through brochures, newspapers and business cards, as well as by visiting local craft fairs. Word of mouth will become a valuable asset to you as you complete projects for your clients. You can also go online and add a blog or website to promote your new business.

Plus, you can produce your own patchwork quilts for sale when you’re in between quilting projects for your clients. They can accompany you to craft fairs and can be sold through regular local advertisements or online stores like ebay, etsy, and bonanzle.