Proxima Media is a media investment firm with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It is the new project of Ryan Kavanaugh, founder and former CEO of Relativity Media. It invests in sports media and entertainment companies. Proxima Media’s team includes some of Hollywood’s most innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs and executives. The firm financed, produced, and distributed more than four hundred films. Besides that, it is also responsible for some of the most successful programs in television history.

Proxima works with almost every studio, allowing studio diversification. A high volume of film output on major tentpole films becomes possible because of this. Proxima has partnerships with the most recognized brands in the industry.

The firm delivers access to film and television financing structures. These, in turn, provide uncorrelated and above-market returns. Back then, these are only available to institutional investors. Proxima ensures risk mitigation in using a proven model. Eighty-five percent of its film achieved profitability. Proxima has a proven track record. It is the only company whose principals have been at the forefront of film finance.

Proxima financed a lot of films with every major studio and principal. It built and ran some of the most substantial studios programming over thirty films each year. Proxima is also the first and only studio that combines two important things. One is the risk of mitigated single picture finance. The other is the diversity and upside of co-financing films with every major studio.


In October 2019, Proxima Media’s investment in Triller had a value of twenty-eight million dollars. Triller is the AI-powered music video platform that rivals TikTok. The funds are for fueling continued growth. It will also be for product enhancements to a platform built for music sharing, content creation, and artist discovery in the music industry. Triller grew at an incredible rate in a competitive market. It expanded opportunities for content creators to reach new audiences.

In 2019, Proxima Media announced the launch of a security token, Proxicoin. Ryan Kavanaugh claimed he received a hundred million dollars in funding. Proxicoin will serve as a new tool for funding media, including film, TV, and music projects. The Central Wealth Group of Hong Kong and Step Ventures support this.

There is already a design and audit for the ERC-20 token. The company signed a contract with Malaysia-based Fusang Exchange for this project.

Proxicoin holders will also own part of Entertainment Stock X, a company that resembles a trading platform for financing entertainment projects. Proxicoin makes a highly sought-after financial product available to many. Smaller investors and individuals can have access to it.