Dawood Foundation for a Better Life for All

Assistance with education

Life can be challenging, especially if you are unfortunate to be born without a silver spoon in your mouth. In such a situation, you will most likely find it difficult to make ends meet and the issue of education or good healthcare may not even be realizable.  In such a situation, you can always take solace in an organization like Dawood Foundation, which is an organization that has proved itself to be reliable to those who are not finding it easy to live through life.  Dawood Foundation is set up to help the less privileged and enable them to make more out of life.  If you are one of the less privileged and you need assistance towards making life a lot more livable for you, then it is high time you partnered with  this organization and you will never regret it.  The organization was founded by Bashir Dawood, who is a philanthropist with many years of standing.

Assistance with education

Dawood Foundation has proved to be a formidable force in helping the less privileged to get sound education. The organization has given scholarships to many students in Pakistan, Singapore and several other countries of the world.  It has also assisted in building educational institutions so that members of the concerned communities can get access to good standard education.

Assistance with education

What is more, the educational institutions will never cost them anything since Dawood Foundation headed by Bashir Dawood is ever available to assist in paying the teachers and sponsoring the education off the students. Bear in mind that the Dawood Foundation is not focused only on formal education; the organization has also sponsored the informal education of so many individuals towards making them self-reliant.

Thanks to the special services and assistance provided by  this organization,  the literacy level in Pakistan has reason tremendously and many people are now able to read and write without any problem since the Dawood Foundation has successfully removed whatever it is that has been acting as hindrance to the educational dreams of the populace.

Assistance with disaster relief

The services offered by the Dawood Foundation are not limited to just education; the organization has also successfully assisted many countries in the areas of disaster relief. Pakistan is one of the many countries that have thus benefited from this organization. The organization is equally open to helping any other country that may be in need in this area so that living can become a lot easier to all and sundry in Pakistan,  Singapore and many other countries across the globe.

The founder works with his wife, Mariyam Dawood, to bring succor to so many communities and individuals.  While it is true that poverty has eaten deep into so many countries and communities, the services to humanity provided by The Dawood Foundation has helped to make the lives to many better.