One Of The Best Psychological Thriller Movies Ever Watched

One Of The Best Psychological Thriller Movies Ever Watched

Thriller movies inject excitement and let you fall in love with their suspense.

Here we have enumerated the list of the best Tamil thriller movies that will ignite your emotions and make you stay tucked on your couch for a while.

  1. Bow Bow

Bow Bow is a story of a boy and his relationship with a dog. Initially, the boy is upset about his dog’s sluggish nature, and he trains it to invoke enthusiasm. Unexpectedly, the boy loses the dog when he tries to save people from a challenging situation. The boy then becomes sad and tries to find him in other forms. It is a beautiful saga of unconditional love with quirky twists and turns.

  1. Ayngaran

It is a story that revolves around a clever scientist who crosses paths with burglars who commit heinous crimes and murders. With his extraordinary skills, the scientist tries to catch the gang. It is the bestTamil thriller movie to watch with the family.

  1. Selfie

The new Tamil movies like Selfie reflect the temptations of present times and how to overcome them. It is a tale of an engineering student who became a seat broker in educational institutions, and when he decided to correct his mistakes, some whistleblower exploded the truth. What will happen next? Watch the movie to know more.

  1. Idly Inba Twinkle Lily

It is a story of three women who refuses to bow down to hard circumstances. They lost money in a bank robbery but devised a vile plan to get it back. What will happen? Will they get the money, or will they lose their lives in this process? Watch this movie on aha ott to know more.

  1. Jiivi

It is a mystery thriller about an intelligent man with limited resources who decide to earn money by stealing and gets away with the crime. The thrills follow the story.

  1. Jiivi 2

Is every incident coincident, or are they planned for us? Watch this movie to know Saravanan’s tryst with coincidence and how he will unlock the mystery loop.

  1. Diary

It is a story of a sub-inspector trainee who starts solving a 16-year-old case, and in this process, he unveils a lot of mystery. The story takes you on an exhilarating ride of suspense and thrill.

These new Tamil movies will stun you with their thriller turns and make you fall in love with Kollywood.