Music Blogging Best Practices: How to Drive Traffic and Keep it There

Music Blogging Best Practices

Music blogging is no easy task. In fact, it’s akin to being a musician – you’re always looking for opportunities to become well known. After achieving stardom, the work is far from over because you still have to maintain your image. This way, you will get more followers and fans.

In the world of the music blog, you have to understand the concept of traffic. Traffic is crucial for your success. Aside from driving traffic to your site, you should figure out a way to keep it there. Here are some practices for driving traffic and keeping it there:

Think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Whatever niche or blog you have, SEO plays an important role in your success. SEO refers to a set of rules for boosting the website for search engines. With this, it can help improve your search engine rankings. In simple terms, SEO is a great way to augment the quality of your site by making it faster, relevant, user-friendly, and easier to navigate.

For beginners, SEO can quickly become complicated, so you just need to understand the basics like making a target keyword list, creating Meta descriptions, and enhancing title tags. If you cannot wrap your head around it, you need to get the expertise of professionals.

Share the website on social media

Remember that almost everyone has social media accounts. If you fail to tap social media platforms, you will surely be left out. You need to exert more effort to keep your sites up to date and use social media pages to drive traffic – on a regular basis.

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For instance, if you have a new video to share, you need to embed it to your website,and then share the link of that page to your social channels. You need to grab every opportunity you have to bring your social media followers to your site where there is a higher chance of them taking action.

Write a guest blog

You must be aware that there are numerous blogs and online publications that welcome guest posts. Writing guest blogs is another opportunity to reach new audiences. As a guest, you’re free to write about your experiences. You can also share advice.

Utilize your email list

When it comes to communication, email is the most powerful and direct line you have. There is a reason why fans joined your list – they want to hear from you. It will be a waste not to optimize it. So, do not be shy. Send out occasional emails with a call-to-action.

Put your music on sale

You can use big events or holidays to put your music on sale and drive traffic to your page. However, it is ideal that you offer a steeply discounted bundle as much as possible. This will entail promoting music on social media pages and sending special promo codes.

Final words

Whether you’re a musician or you’re just passionate about music and writing, having a website is the norm these days. In the end, your website should not simply be used as a music distribution channel. It should be a fan acquisition channel that can efficiently convert your site traffic into new fans and sales.